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02 February 2014


in this thread you can just get and share all Touch screen drivers for tablets

This thread will Give to u r tablet a new Life

Don,t Ask For anything Just Share and Get Only !!!

Manual How to Use
download bat file connect tablet to pc (be sure usb dubgging on ) Open bat file wait until its not off auto

- gt828_ts.ko+mc32x0.ko
- gt828_ts.ko+mxc622x.ko
- gt811_ts.ko
- gt811_ts.ko+dmard06.ko
- gsl1680.ko
- gsl1680.ko+dmard06.ko
- gslx680.ko
- gslx680.ko+mxc622x.ko
- ssd253x-ts.ko
- ssd253x-ts.ko+dmard06.ko
- goodix_touch.ko
- zet6221.ko
- zet622x.ko
- ft5x_ts.ko
- ft5x_ts.ko
- ekt3632.ko aka elan
- ekt3632.ko aka elan - if the upper one was shifted
- ft5x_ts, goodix_touch, ssd253x-ts, zet622x, byd693x-ts, gt82x, gt811, pixcir_cxx, gslx680, st1536_ts, elan_ts + mxc622x

- ekt3632.ko aka elan
- gt811_ts.ko
- gt828_ts.ko+mc32x0.ko
- gt811_ts.ko+dmard06.ko
- gsl1680.ko
- ft5x_ts.ko
- goodix_touch.ko
- gslx680.ko+mxc622x.ko
- ssd253x-ts.ko+dmard06.ko
- gslx680.ko
- gsl1680.ko+dmard06.ko
- ft5x_ts.ko
- gt828_ts.ko+mxc622x.ko
- zet6221.ko
- zet6221.ko+multiple gs
- ekt3632.ko aka elan
- ektf2k.ko aka ekt3632+mma7660
- ssd253x-ts.ko+dmard06.ko+mma7660.ko
- elan_ts+mxc622x
- goodix811.ko+mxc622x.ko
- ssd253x-ts.ko
- gls1680+dmard06+mc32x0 -
- mg8698s+mxc622x+sp0838 -
- gt828_ts+mma7660 -

- TS: ft5x_ts, goodix_touch, ssd253x-ts, zet622x, byd693x-ts, gt82x, gt811, pixcir_cxx, gslx680, st1536_ts, elan_ts+ GS: bma250, mma7660, dmard06, mma8452, mxc622x, afa750
- ft5x_ts, goodix_ts, gslX680, nt11003+mxc32x0
- ft5x_ts, ssd253x-ts, gt811_ts, sitronix_i2c_touch+dmard06+mma7660
- ft5x_ts, goodix_touch, ssd253x-ts, zet622x, byd693x-ts, gt82x, gt811, pixcir_touch_811, gsl1680, st1536_ts+mxc622x
- aw5306_ts.ko-pixcir_ts.ko-gt811.ko-gsl168x.ko-sichuang.ko-ft5x_ts.ko+mma7660
- gt811_ts.ko-A13_gslX680.ko-ft5x_ts.ko+mxc622x
- S710TAB - ft5x_ts.ko-gt811.ko-gslX680.ko+mxc622x

- Ainol Novo7 Legend
- Multiple TS/GS: gslX680-ft5x_ts-gt818_ts-gt811_ts-zet6221+bma250-mma7660-dmard06-mma8452-kxtik-mxc622x-afa750-mma865x-lis3dh-mc32x0 after you use this module you will need to reflash ROM again if not works.

If you have found a TS and have reverse axes or screenshift i recommend to use this TOOL

For ft5x_ts touchscreen with mecs.ko+mxc622x.ko G-sensor -c
2. For ssd253x-ts with dmard06+mma7660 G-sensors including camera support for siv121d -confirmed working by dan_droid
3. For zet6221 TS with mxc622x G-sensor
4. For gsl1680 TS with mc32x0 G-sensor -
5. For ssd253x ts with dmard06 G sensor -
6. ForQ75s with gslx680 mxc622x and 2 siv121d cams http://www.4shared.com/zip/QbUxqJz4/Luckrm75S_gslx680_mxc622x_2cam.html]ForQ75s with gslx680 mxc622x and 2 siv121d cams -
7, For Q75s with mt7601 wifi gslx680 mxc622x 2cam Sv121d

how to check touch ic driver

if you need rom with same touch id so you can download it from here

Touchscreen Download

- ssd-253x-ts
- goodix811
- zet6221_ts
- ct360_ts
- elan_ts
- gt811 (goodix811 alternative)
- gt818_ts
- gt828_ts
- gslx680 (gslX680 alternative)
- zet6221-ts (zet6221 alternative)
- goodix_touch

G-sensor Download

- bma250
- mxc622x
- mma7660

Camera Download

- gc0329
- sp0838

some manual like how to install Ts Drivers etc etc

Example: you have ft5x_ts touchscreen
open windows adb command line and make this:

adb "root"
adb remount adb push ft5x_ts.ko /system/lib/modules
adb chmod 644 /system/lib/modules/ft5x_ts.ko
adb push ft5x_ts.idc /system/usr/idc
adb chmod 644 /system/usr/idc/ft5x_ts.idc

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