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01 April 2015

ATF V12.10 Full Installer here

Release Date: March 31, 2015
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.10 or 11.0.12
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

---> eMMC Tool 3.3 (PRO)
-----> Added Support for Samsung eMMC Repair "TOTALLY DEAD 00FF8080" eMMCs (First in The World)
-----> This can repair totally dead Samsung eMMCs which always reply "BUSY" to Normal eMMC Initialization
-----> This Solution Requires an Activation + Special eMMC Socket Adapter
-----> This Solution can be customized to any Samsung eMMC Model with BGA-153/169 or BGA-162 Pinout
-----> For more Information about ACTIVATION PRICE + eMMC Adapters, contact gsmfun directly

P.S. No Regards to NEWBIES who think Reversing 64KB eMMC BOOTROM + 128KB FIRMWARE is hard

---> More Spreadtrum CPU eMMC Test Point Finder Support
-----> Supported Spreadtrum CPU: SC6820i, SC6820ES, SC7715, SC7735S, SC7715A, SC7715T,
-----> SC6815AS, SC8810ES, SC8825, SC8825A
-----> More Info about Spreadtrum eMMC Finder Support Here:
===>>> ATF eMMC Test Point Finder Tutorial <<<===

General Nokia Updates:

BB5 FBUS BOOT Improvements

Added New Lumia Models to Nokia.ini
--> Lumia 430 DS (RM-1099)
--> Lumia 640 DS DTV (RM-1109)
--> Lumia 640 LTE DS (RM-1113)
--> Lumia 435 DS DTV (RM-1114)
--> Lumia 532 DS DTV (RM-1115)

ATF JTAG 1.0.14 Build 7528

Release Date: March 31, 2015
Firmware Version Required :

ATF Lightning/Nitro: LogiCore 11.0.10
ATF Chrome/GOLD : LogiCore 11.0.10 or LogiCore 11.0.12

Change Log
--> DUAL JTAG Connections now Supported on ATF Chrome/GOLD Boxes
----> Now you can connect 2 Phones at the same time for ATF Chrome/GOLD Boxes
----> Connect 1 Phone on "FLASHBUS" port and connect another phone on "EXTENSION" port
--> Initial BroadCom CPU Support
----> CPU Supported: BCM21654, BCM21654G, BCM21664, BCM21664T, BCM28155, BCM28155T
--> Greatly Improved Qualcomm CPU eMMC Write Speeds
--> Increased Qualcomm CPU eMMC Write Timeouts
--> Added Remove Write Protection BIT for Samsung Brand eMMCs
--> Added Support for SmartGsm EXTENSION Port JTAG Adapter (via LogiCore 11.0.12)
--> Added VBATT 4.0v Output for Powering Phone
----> Now you don't need an EXTERNAL Power Supply just in case Phone Battery is Dead
----> Just connect "VBATT 4.0v" to VBATT (+) POSITIVE of Phone's Battery Terminal


For ATF Chrome/GOLD boxes, JTAG PINOUTS for "FLASHBUS" port and "EXTENSION" port are NOT THE SAME.

FLASHBUS port uses 8-PINS RJ-45,
and the JTAG PINOUT is:

1 - VBATT 4.0V (Optional)
2 -
4 - TDO
5 - TDI
6 - TCK
8 - TMS

EXTENSION port uses 10-PINS RJ-48,
and the JTAG PINOUT is:

2 - VBATT 4.0V (Optional)
3 -
4 - TDO
5 - TDI
6 - TCK
7 -
9 - TMS
10 -

For Better and more Stable connection on the EXTENSION PORT, we suggest using a

Who will buy this if you can get more in ATF?

__________________________________________________ ________________________


ATF V12.10 Full Installer
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