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17 September 2015

Samsung GT-S7562 dous Samsung logo only done by Riff Box

Samsung GT-S7562 dous Samsung logo only done by Riff Box

Status of unit Samsung logo or Restating only




Riff box
Dump file


Open serial port...OK
Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK
Firmware Version: 1.37, JTAG Manager Version: 1.55
Selected Resurrector: [Samsung S7562 V1.0.4816.57076]

Connecting to the dead body...OK
Detected dead body ID: 0x106230E1 - CORRECT!
Set I/O Voltage reads as 2.61V, TCK Frequency is RTCK
Adaptive Clocking RTCK Sampling is: [Sample at MAX]
Settings Code: 0x20010000000000000000000020000000

Resurrection sequence started.
Establish communication with the phone...OK
Initializing internal hardware configuration...OK
Uploading resurrector data into memory...OK
Starting communication with resurrector...OK

Detected an Initialized FLASH1 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0100 (A00SJJ, 0x0000E9000000 Bytes = 3.64 GB)
Detected an Initialized FLASH2 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0100 (A00SJJ, 0x000000100000 Bytes = 1.00 MB)

Writting FLASH1 memory from 0x000000000000 to 0x00001FFFFFFF
Completed in 01:58:09.875 (Average Transfer Rate: 73.95 kB/s)

13 September 2015

Miracle Box 2.18 update here

Truly for China Mobile
Released 2.18

13th Sept 2015

[Miracle key Edition]

What New in Update:
👊 1.PD Add SC8830/7731/7715 Read/Write Support . 👍
👊 2.SPD Add SC8830 EMMC Format/IMEI NV Read/Write Support/Read Pattern. 👍
👊 3.SPD Add SC8830/7730/31 EMMC Read Phone Book. 👍
👊 4.SPD Add SC7715 Nand Read Pattern (Read Unlock) and Phone Book. 👍
👊 5.MTK Add MT6753/6735/6582/6595 etc. EMMC Read Phonebook.
👊 6.MTK Add MT6572/71 Nand Read Pattern and Phonebook .
👊 7.MTK Improve Android Read Flash (Faster Then Before).
👊 8.Add MI/Xiomi Mobile (Qualcomm) IMEI Repair (Qualcomm). 👍
👊 9.Improve software Connect and Fix some Bugs.
👊 10. Server Speed Improved.


{Info About Miracle Key Dongle}


(:::::::::::::::::[FEEL THE POWER OF]:::::::::::::::::)
(:::::::::::::::::[MIRACLE TEAM]:::::::::::::::::)

12 September 2015

All Samsung Account Simple Method / Solution

Reactivation lock / Samsung Account :
Reactivation lock lets you use your Samsung account to prevent others from activating your device if it's ever lost or stolen. With Reactivation lock turned on, you will be required to enter your Samsung account credentials prior to performing a factory reset on the device, so your Samsung account login should be something you can easily remember.

This feature is not the same as Device lock, which is the password, PIN, or other method used to unlock your device when it has been turned off or inactive.

FRP Lock (
Factory Reset Protection)/ Google Account :
Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a new feature to protect your device which has been added to several Samsung devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher.
This feature allows you to set up your device to prevent other people from using it if it's been reset to factory settings without your permission. For example, if your device is lost, stolen, flashed, or wiped, only someone with your Google account or screen lock information can perform a factory data reset and use the device.
When a device is factory reset, the device will not be able to be setup without the user entering the Google Account associated with the device (for hard reset) or screen lock information (for reset in Settings menu).
Important! You must set up a Google account in order to utilize the FRP feature. It is highly recommended that you set a secure screen lock on your device.

What Is The Solution ... ?

FRP Lock / Google Account Solution : (READ HERE)
Reactivation lock / Samsung Account Solution Below Or

Let's me explain my simple method For Samsung account, You need to find a track for access to Samsung Apps or browser . You can get the track to help option Or keyboard setting (It's you can open from keyboard) ETC Other Way. After get the track you need try a comment to Samsung Apps store site ( Down the any apps ) and u will see login tab. Just login and do a comments after that come back to main menu and login with that id Which you used last time for the commends .In case it's unable to login just Hard Reset Your phone and once again try. All the android are same But for Samsung u need to commends to Samsung Apps. Simple it

For Browser : After get browser entry the link ( Samsung ) and login other all are same

The Track Depend on Phone and version all are not same . You need find by your self. Don't asked for it

I have tested to many Samsung mobile Even Lollipop I used this method since Starting this problem

Its Will help you if you findout the Track by your self Otherwise Sorry

Maybe its old history for all Of you . But I shared for the new guy

Samsung account & reactivation lock remove software free Download Here

Samsung account & reactivation lock remove software free
Bypass any Samsung Google verify account

a lot of user having this issue.

this is looks like

this software just for update like 5.1.1 upper version work.

this day the software become a business

that's why i m here to share the paid software

Download Here


what you need? software
2.otg cable
3.same as same issue phone

note that the software unable to bypass samsung account.
don't ask me for is just for bypass google verification.because i clear everything here.

how to use?
  • 1.simple brain
  • 2.put the file on pendrive
  • 3.power on phone
  • 4.connect the pendrive through otg cable
  • you will see file manager
  • 6.install the software
  • 7.then you will automatic promoted to settings
  • 8. make reset from settings
  • 9.wait to restart phone
  • setup as new phone

07 September 2015

Huawei All android Firmware

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