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15 March 2014

VolcanoBox 2.5.5 Download here

What's new ?

Added Adb Tool,


Analyse and detect device


1)Reboot Only: Restart the phone.
2)Reboot ToFastboot: Restart the phone into Fastboot Mode.
3)Reboot ToRecovery: Restart the phone into Recovery Mode.
4)Reboot ToBootloader: Restart the phone into Bootloader Mode.
5)Reboot ToDownload: Restart the phone into Download Mode.

3.Build Options

1)Auto Mod build.prop: Automatically modify the build.prop in the phone to improve the performance of the phone.
2)Mod build.prop for unrestricted access of Play Store: Upgrading Google Market (Play Store) with unrestricted access.
3)Backup build.prop: Backup build.prop from the phone.
4)Restore build.prop: Restore build.prop into the phone.
4.BootAni Options

1)Backup bootanimation.zip: Backup bootanimation.zip from the phone.
2)Restore bootanimation.zip: Restore bootanimation.zip into the phone.
3)Write new bootanimation.zip: Write a new bootanimation.zip into the phone.
4)Delete bootanimation.zip: Delete bootanimation.zip in the phone.

Click here to download 

Download here 

Symphony D33 Flash File download here


CPU_Type = MT6260

Flash ID
= 0x00EF004000160000

Flash _Type
= SF_W25Q32BV

Chip Capacity = 0x400000(4MB)

= Liton_Bkash@yahoo.com


Setool V1.406 Download here

Setool V1.406 Rleased


- added msm8210 phones support ( D20xx_XPERIA E1,  etc )
- added msm8974ab phones support ( D65xx_XPERIA Z2, etc )
- due to multiple requests, added IMEI change procedure for msm722xA phones.  Cost is 2 credits. 
  procedure is very same as msm8x55-based phones :
  options : signed mode + altbypass mode + perform full unlock + allow to change  , procedure : unlock/repair

  Restrictions : 
  1. after IMEI change you will not be able to flash phone with anything other, than setool2
  2. you MUST unlock phone after IMEI change ( can be done in one step ) , so total cost is 2+2 credits.
  3. you must reflash phone or perform factory reset from phone service menu to bring new IMEI in effect.
  4. if anything will go wrong, you will receive dead phone, which can only be recovered by jtag tools.

RapidShare Link

Rockchip Rom Backup solution here

 [Rockchip Rom Backup ]-How to Dump Rom Rockchip Share

Today the weather was hot + emotions mild to moderate irritation. I wanted to share a brief Dump Rom CPU Rockchip to watch it.

Backup ** This method is a system in our machines can be recycled again. Time is a problem Or to create a custom ROM.


One. Put files into the ADB 3 files to C: \ windows.

Two. Logged on CMD

Three. Would like the image below, then type cd \ then enter.

Four. Enable USB Debugging mode

Five. Typing adb shell then enter.

6th. Typing cat / proc / mtd to check that the Partition to divide it.


dev: size erasesize name

mtd0: 00400000 00004000 "misc".
mtd1: 00800000 00004000 "kernel".
mtd2: 01000000 00004000 "boot".
mtd3: 01000000 00004000 "recovery".
mtd4: 20800000 00004000 "backup".
mtd5: 08000000 00004000 "cache".
mtd6: 40000000 00004000 "userdata".
mtd7: 00400000 00004000 "kpanic".
mtd8: 1ec00000 00004000 "system".
mtd9: 14fc00000 00004000 "user".

7th. Dump Rom command used to collect the machine before pulling out of storage.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd0 of = / sdcard / misc.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd1 of = / sdcard / kernel.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd2 of = / sdcard / boot.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd3 of = / sdcard / recovery.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd4 of = / sdcard / backup.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd5 of = / sdcard / cache.img bs = 4096.

dd if = / dev/mtd/mtd8 of = / sdcard / system.img bs = 4096.


In shell ** I wanted Dump Partition type the following and press enter it.

Print ** he finished shell ls / sdcard check it.

PS. Sorry for any mistakes in advance.

iTools Download here

iTools Released For iTunes 11.1.5 iOS 7.1 Supported

Supported iTunes 11.1.5

Nokia 1202, 1661,5030 Lcd Jumper Solution

Nokia 1202, 1661,5030 LCD Jumper Solution
Nokia 1202, 1661,5030 White Screen  problem Solution

Nokia 1202 , 5030 Keypad IC Jumper solution 100% tested

Nokia 1202 , 5030 Keypad IC Jumper solution
 Nokia 1202 , 5030 Keypad IC Jumper With out Keypad IC

Nokia lumia 701 Auto usb Show problem 100% tested Solution

Nokia lumia 701 Auto usb Show problem
USB not Connect
100% tested Solution
First Remove then Change

Nokia Offline pinout finder Losnn Clamp Upgrade V2.1.0(EN)

Losnn Clamp_Upgrade_V2.1.0(EN)

All New Model Add

iOS 8 release date, rumours & concept images - 'leaked screenshots' give first look new iOS 8 apps

iOS 8 release date, rumours & concept images - 'leaked screenshots' give first look new iOS 8 apps

Apple's iOS 8 is hot topic in among iPhone, iPad and iPod users right now. In this article, we bring you release date speculation, the latest rumours about iOS 8 and leaked images and mockups of the next version of Apple's mobile operating system. Read on to find out more.

Welcome to our iOS 8 release date, rumours and leaked images article. Here, we'll bring you everything we know about iOS 8, Apple's next iOS operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This includes speculation about the iOS 8 release date, rumours about the new features that may arrive with iOS 8, and leaked images and mockups of iOS 8 as we see them. We'll update this article frequently, so check back regularly for the latest iOS 8 rumours.

Updated 13 March with new leaked iOS 8 app screenshots

The release of iOS 7 caused a buzz among the Apple community in 2013, as it came with a radical redesign, bringing a new look and feel to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software. Now that the excitement has died down a little, users are looking to the future, imagining what could be in store for the next version of iOS, presumably called iOS 8 if Apple's naming convention continues.

We're certainly excited about 2014 as a whole for Apple, not least because CEO Tim Cook has revealed on multiple occassions that the company has
"big plans" that it believes we are going to love.

Speculation about iOS 8 - which is believed to be codenamed "Okemo" after a ski resort in Vermont - skyrocketed as February 2014 arrived, with reports that Apple is working on a 'Healthbook' app for the new operating system, which could change mobile health and fitness tracking for good. Then, on 13 March, screenshots showing what is allegedly our first look at the app icons for Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips emerged.

Read on to find out more about the latest iOS 8 rumours and to see the leaked images.

iOS 8 rumours: Healthbook

In March, this image was leaked on Weibo and allegedly shows new Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips app icons, as spotted by 9To5Mac:

We assume that the Preview and TextEdit apps have the same functionality as their Mac counterparts, perhaps expanding iCloud compatibility. There's some confusion about what the Tips app is for though (presumably to provide tips... but what for?). Read on for more information about Healthbook.

Rumours have been circulating the web about a new health application that could arrive with iOS 8 and work with the widely anticipated iWatch, Apple's rumoured venture into wearable tech.

Apple plans to introduce a health and fitness tracking application with iOS 8 later this year, according to sources cited in a 9To5Mac report. This application is likely to work closely with Apple's rumoured iWatch, which the sources say is "well into development."

The sources claim that the iOS 8 app is codenamed 'Healthbook' and will be used to collect data such as how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned and the distance you've walked. The app will also allegedly be used to monitor blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate and more. In addition to the monitoring and tracking features, the report claims Apple's Healthbook app will offer users the ability to set medication reminders.

The rumours of a Healthbook app arrive alongside reports that Apple executives have been meeting with medical officials including the Food and Drug Administration. Apple has also hired several people from the medical field. Most recently, Apple hired former chief medical officer at pulse oximeter firm Masimo Corporation Michael O'Reilly.

Perhaps the strongest evidence to support the theory that Apple is looking into introducing a health app is the M7 chip it introduced with its latest iPhone. The M7 chip measures motion data, enables the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, and, as pointed out by Apple when the chip was announced, enables a new generation of health and fitness apps

iOS 8 rumours: New Touch ID features

During Apple's earnings call for the first quarter of 2014, CEO Tim Cook spoke about Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which was introduced in September 2013 with the iPhone 5s.

"The mobile payments area in general is one that we've been intrigued with - that was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID," he said. "But we're not limiting ourselves to that. I don't have anything specific to announce today, but you can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices versus the competition that it's a big opportunity on the platform."

Cook's comments suggest that we should look out for new services that work with the Touch ID in future versions of iOS.

iOS 8 rumours: More new features

There are several additional new features that we'd like to see in iOS 8, and we've listed them (and the rumours surrounding them) in our iOS 8 wishlist below.

iOS 8 rumours: Notifications

One of the areas of iOS 7 that we expect to get addressed in iOS 8 is Notifications. We think that it feels a bit clumsy at the moment. For example, replying to an iMessage requires the launching of the app, rather than a simple dialogue box as in OS X's Notification Centre.

We'd like to see a universal control to clear all of the past notifications at once. In iOS 7, the user has to manually delete each app's entries.

We love Sam Beckett's interactive Notifications concept, as shown below. It's a perfect example of what we'd like to see in iOS 8 when it comes to the Notification Centre.

We'd also like to be able to quickly unsubscribe from app Notifications that we've accidently signed up to within the Notification Centre.

Apple made an interesting acquisition in 2013, for a small software house called Cue. Cue specialises in smart assistant programming. With Google Now becoming an increasingly impressive service on Android, it's possible that Cue could be how Apple will catch up. It could help Apple add smarter push notifications, providing us with the information we need when we need it.

iOS 8 rumours: Siri

We're sure that Apple will bring some new features to Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant, with iOS 8. It looks like we'll be getting more voices within Siri in the UK. We currently only have access to a male voice, but the iOS 7.1 beta suggests we'll be getting a female voice for Siri, possibly even before iOS 8 comes out.

iOS 8 rumours: Control Centre

We loved the addition of Control Centre with iOS 7, and we think Apple could take it even further in iOS 8. Perhaps Apple will give users more control over the Control Centre, by letting them decide which apps they want easy access to.

iOS 8 rumours: Multiple accounts

A sought after iOS feature from Apple is the ability to add additional accounts to iPads and iPhones. For iPads that are shared among a family, this would allow each member to have their own private iOS account, particularly useful for parents with young children for better parental control.

iOS 8 rumours: Multitasking

Apple made some changes to Multitasking in iOS 7, but we'd like to see these changes go even further.

We particularly like Sam Beckett's Split Screen Multitasking concept. Split screen is something we'd love to see in iOS 8, as it would increase productivity significantly and is a feature we're constantly craving while using our iPad.

We'd also like to be able to close all of the open apps at once.

iOS 8 rumours: FaceTime

FaceTime hasn't seen much love from Apple in recent updates, apart from the addition of FaceTime Audio. We'd like to see Apple introduce the ability to call multiple people at once in FaceTime, for group calls. Skype already offers the ability to conduct group calls, so the addition of the feature for FaceTime would be a big plus for Apple users.

iOS 8 rumours: Default apps

We've been saying this for years, but we'd like to delete the annoying Apple default apps that we're not interested in or never use. It's unlikely that Apple will grant this wish, though.

iOS 8 rumours: Subscription service
An interesting idea shared with us by a colleague is the introduction of an iOS iTunes Store and/or App Store subscription service. The service could allow users to pay a set fee per month to get access to unlimited films, TV, books, apps and more (think Netflix or LoveFilm). We think this would be a brilliant idea that we could imagine many Apple users signing up to if it's priced right. It would be a huge **** for competitors, though.

iOS 8 rumours: Default third-party browser

Many of our colleagues use Apple Macs, but almost none of them use Safari as their default web browser; most favour Chrome or Firefox instead. So why does Safari maintain such a stranglehold on iOS? Because you still can't make a third-party browser the default. We'd love to see Apple add the ability to change the default browser to a third-party one in iOS 8.

iOS 8 rumours: Customised autocorrect

Since before iOS 7, we've been asking for the ability to turn off autocorrect on an app-by-app basis, to prevent those embarrassing errors that we so often see.

iOS 8 rumours: Battery life

Battery life issues plague iOS users. We asked our readers what they'd like to see in iOS 8, expecting whizzy features to be the most common answers, but it was battery life that took the top spot.

One of the ways Apple could help preserve battery life is to add a battery emergency feature to devices. How about a set of customisable actions set to kick in when your iOS device reaches 20 per cent power? Instead of just popping up with the warning, the device could be programmed to automatically lower the brightness, switch off 3G, Bluetooth and location services, and generally do everything in its power to stay alive.

iOS 8 rumours: iTunes Radio in the UK?

Since its release back in September 2013, UK Apple users have been waiting for iTunes Radio, a new service from Apple that allows you to stream any song available on iTunes. It's possible that we'll see iTunes Radio launch in the UK before iOS 8, though, with some rumours pointing to an early 2014 launch.

Find out more in our When will iTunes Radio come out in the UK article.

When will iOS 8 be released?

Apple has traditionally used its Worldwide Developers Conference to unveil new versions of iOS, so we expect that tradition to continue this year. WWDC is usually held in June, but we'll update you as soon as we find out specific dates for the conference.

There's even speculation that Apple may use this year's WWDC to unveil the iPhone 6.

While we expect iOS 8 to be shown off for the first time in June, it's unlikely to be released to the public until the next generation iPhone comes out, probably in September. Between June and September, iOS 8 is likely to be in beta form for developers to test and begin working on their apps ahead of the public release.

iOS 8 leaked images

There are no leaked images of iOS 8 yet, but as soon as we see them, we'll share them with you here. We'll also be keeping an eye out for convincing mockups that spark the imagination, such as the two concept videos shown earlier in this article.

Designer Nico Achkasov has come up with a concept he calls 'iOS 8 Infinity', in which he's redesigned the iOS icons to follow a grid system and specific colour palette. He created the new icons after many Apple users said they dislike the designs Apple has come up with for the icons.

Nico has taken away the gradients in many of Apple's icons and replaced them with the shine effect Apple recently ditched, though he's made sure to keep the icons 'flat'.

Research Downloader v2.9.8004 Download here

ResearchDownload_2.9.8004 Release


Volcano User & GSM Hosting User

SC 8825 Supported
Download - ResearchDownload_2.9.8004


Old Version Link

Download : ResearchDownload_VER_2.9.7017 Or ResearchDownload_R2.9.7006

Some information for china phone.

Basic information about china phone.

What is TX RX?
tx rx is type of connection which will help to you to connect your phone with pc for software operation. its just a type of connection name.

what is cpu?
Central processing unit. A parts of phone. its type a head of phone. all phone have cpu but for china phone cpu is very important. china phone have various type of cpu.

why cpu is important for china phone?
all phone have cpu, uem. but for china phone cpu is very important because various china phone cpu support various tool/device when it do software operation in phone. so though not know which phone have which cpu face problem when you repair it.

How to know cpu type?
now many of device auto detect cpu type so no problem to know which cpu use in this phone which you want to repair. also you can open the phone and can see what cpu use in phone.

MTK, Spreadtrum, Infineon, Sky/Skyworks, ADI/AD, Philips, Agree, TI / Power Management, VIA, SAMSUNG, also come new CPU name is SI4904

what is flash chip and RAM?
flash chip store phone software in it. and RAM is extra built in memory which give space to phone and flash chip to extract phone software and operating in his memory when phone is open/running. 99% china phone flash chip and RAM include in one chip. so though your flash area or ram area is damage in flash chip, you must need to change total chip. useing many type of companies chip with under various model name, as like Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, ST etc

Flash chip name/model is important for china phone as like cpu?
must. its important as like cpu because when flash china phone though we not know what flash chip use on it, we can find perfect flash file for it. otherwise with wrong chip flash file phone is going dead.

what problem with china phone model name?
model name is not a big matter for china phone. because with same name have many many phone with deference pcb, pcb design, cpu, flash chip, gate up, software etc.

What need to know about a china phone when we repair?
1. CPU Type
2. Flash Chip model
3. Original software/flash file version.
4. Connector Type
5. How pin have in connector.

Flash file version is important for china phone?
Must. its very very important for china phone because though you lost your original (when manufacture company published phone) flash version or not know which file have in it first time, you got problem when you flash your phone. for flashing with wrong version/model flash file you got this type of problem-
1. Flash done but phone dead
2. white screen (no incoming/out going call)
3. white screen (with incomeing/outgoing call)
4. Keypad not work
5. Sim not valid
6. Sim blocked
7. Phone hang after power on
8. no network
9. have network but show emergency (this problem also do for power ic or bad connect sim or sim connector problem)
10. phone restart continuously.

Which tool or device?
many of free tool published in market for mtk, infineon, ad, spreadtrum, sky etc. but alwayes device give you a complete solution.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot See Here

How to Install ADB and Fastboot

To manually install ADB and Fastboot on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8/8.1 computer (32-bit and 64-bit), do the following:
The following guide is for Windows PCs only, but ADB/Fastboot can be installed on Linux and Mac OS X also. (You just do it differently for Linux/Mac OS X.) Also note that this guide was written on a Windows 7 computer. However, the guide will work on Windows 8/XP/Vista the same way; I don’t know about earlier versions of Windows.

  • Download (11 MB) ADB, Fastboot, and other tools.
    • Note: The tools found in the download are provided by Google, found in Android SDK. I have simply extracted the tools and uploaded them for easy access, instead of telling everyone to download the whole SDK. You can get the same tools if you download the Android SDK directly from Google.
  • Extract the contents directly into your C:\ partition. You should now have a folder C:\Android that looks something like this:

  • Press Win + R on your keyboard to bring up the Run dialog.
  • Once the Run box is open, type in sysdm.cpl and hit OK:

  • Once you hit OK, the System Properties panel should open; click on the Advanced tab:

  • From the Advanced tab click on Environment Variables:

  • At the Environment Variables window find where it says Path under System variables, click on it, and click the Edit button:

  • When the Edit System Variable window pops up, type in ;C:\Android at the very end and hit OK:

Make sure you type in exactly ;C:\Android (be sure to include the semi-colon at the beginning).

  • After clicking OK, close out all windows. You are done!

Using ADB and Fastboot

Once you have them installed, using ADB or Fastboot is as easy as opening command prompt, typing in adb xxx or fastboot xxx (with xxx being the command you want to run)…

…and hitting Enter on your keyboard to execute the command.
Take note, however, installing ADB and Fastboot is not enough to start using it with your phones. You need to install the relevant drivers on your computer – so your PC recognizes your phone – before ADB or Fastboot will be able to work with it. If you don’t have any drivers installed, you will get an error similar to the following:
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