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Cellphone Repair Tutorial

This is where you can learn a step by step from basic to advance procedure on how to fix major mobile phone handsets problems such as Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, HTC, Android,LG, Siemens, Benq and etc. for absolutely 100% Free!

All lessons herein were all simplified and a few general technical terms being reduced to make easy learning and understanding, Images and Pictures were also gathered and choose appropriately to support every aspects of   learning.

These tutorials covers the following step by step lessons:



Basically Cell-phone works?

Some Introduction to Basic Electronics

 Ohm's Law

Series Circuit

Identifying Electronic Component and Symbol





how RF circuit Works on Cell Phone

How LCD Display Interface Circuit work

Understanding Mouthpiece or Microphone, Earpiece and IHF or Buzzer Speakers Circuit

Audio amplifier or an audio mixer or a sound booster

Mobile Phones Hardware Repair Troubleshooting Techniques Tutorial

LED light bulbs works on Mobile Phone Circuit

Cellphone's Schematic Diagram

Identifying Diode Symbol and Layout on Printed Circuit Board

Keypads Layout on Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

How Keypad Circuits Works

SIM Card Works on Mobile Phones Circuit

How to Repair Cellphone Not Charging, No Reponse, Charger Not Supported Problem

Mobile phone charging circuit works

Cell Phone Power ON/OFF switch line paths, Basic test

Check Mobile Phone Battery Voltage

Test Mobile Phone Vibration Motor

Test Mobile Phone Charger Voltage

Mobile phone microphone Testing

Test Mobile phone Speaker,Buzzer or Ringer

How to Properly Dismantle Mobile Phones Handsets

Random access memory

Flash IC

Central Proccessing Unit

Power Management IC 

Identifying Spare Parts on Mobile Phones Handsets

How to Find Component Parts on PCB Board

Identifying Fuse Symbols and Layout

Identifying Clock Crystal Oscillator Symbols and Layout

Identifying User Interfaces Components such as Power Switch, Microphone, Earpiece and Ring-tone speakers and Layout

Identifying Battery Cell Symbols and Layout

Identifying DC to DC Voltage Drivers, Regulators and Converters Symbols and Layout

Identifying Coil Symbols and Layout

Identifying Diode Symbol and Layout on Printed Circuit Board

Identifying Transistor's Layout

Identifying Capacitors Symbol and Layout

Resistor Component's Symbol and Layout

Identify Component Symbols on Schematic Diagram

How to Read Cellphone's Schematic Diagram?

How to Check Basic Electronic Components Using a Multi-Meter


Safety procedure and proper handling of tools

Table Equipments

IC Re-balling Tools

Cleaning kits and tools 

DC Powers Supplyer 

Reworks Station 

What is a multimeter ?

Soldering Tools

Mobile Dissemble tools

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) 

Whay Need RF Filters

What Crystal oscillator ?

Coil And Inductors For Mobile Phone

Fuse For Mobile Phone





Identifying Electronic Component and Symbol

Parallel Circuit 

Series Circuit

Ohm's Law

Some Introduction to Basic Electronics

Basically Cell-phone works

Basic Information How Cellphone Works






































































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